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Private economy – an important driving force of the Vietnamese economy

Delegates thought that this thinking would open up many opportunities for the development of private enterprises in the future. The draft document of the XII Congress defines the role of the private economy as an important driving force of the economy. It is also an important part of the country’s economic institutional reform.

On the sidelines of the Congress, delegates said that this thinking will open up many opportunities for the development of private enterprises in the coming time, especially in the context of our country’s integration deeper and deeper.

Currently our country has about 500,000 private enterprises creating about 1.2 million jobs, with 51% of the labor force nationwide, contributing over 40% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Representative Nguyen Thanh Ngoc, Vice Chairman of Tay Ninh People’s Committee, said that the draft lawsuit this time determined that the private economy is an important driving force of the economy, showing that the Party and the State continue to recognize The contribution of this economic component to the cause of national construction and development.

Private enterprises create about 1.2 million jobs. Photo QA

According to delegate Nguyen Thanh Ngoc, in order to become an important motivation of the economy as in the draft document, in addition to the efforts of enterprises themselves, the private economy also needs to open up many opportunities. , fair competition and much government support.

“We need a clearer direction to institutionalize policies and mechanisms accordingly, how to create conditions for the private sector to develop more synchronously and more effectively. The equitable solution is to provide incentive mechanisms so that all private economic sectors can choose for themselves in the most appropriate way, so that they can plan development directions for production and business. ”, Mr. Ngoc said.

The Document of the XII Congress also stated that “creating favorable conditions for the strong development of private enterprises to create motivation to improve the competitiveness of the economy”. However, in reality, despite the strong growth, the scale and internal force of Vietnamese private enterprises are mostly small and weak, low competitiveness, low quality products, and high capacity. Governance is still limited.

Therefore, the delegates said that in order to have a strong private business community, competitive capacity, creating more jobs for the people, economic institutions need to be renewed.

Representative Ngo Thanh Danh, Deputy Secretary of the Dak Nong Provincial Party Committee said that: If the private sector is encouraged, it is necessary to have a mechanism and policy suitable to each type, region, and industry. This component sees active participation in the economy. When seeing the role and responsibility, those contributions are honored, businesses and entrepreneurs will make every effort.

Delegates also believed that, with the Party’s breakthrough in the private economy at this Congress, along with the concretization of policy mechanisms, the private economy would continue to develop. again./.

Nguồn Minh Châm – Lưu Huyền/VOV